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2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion for the last 16 years.

martialarts copa 3 07 077Master Victor Candal is the owner and head instructor at Candal’s Martial Arts Academy.  Victor has vast experience in promoting human development and education. As an experienced Martial Arts Instructor he knows that Martial Arts is the best way to help kids and adults alike reach their full potential. He holds black belts in jiu jitsu, hapkido, judo, MMA and has 16 years of training in Thai boxing. He’s been teaching for over 30 years in several countries around the world and has promoted many black belts who now teach others in their own schools. His father was a professional boxer. This was his first encounter with martial arts. Victor loves working with children and adults and is an expert with weapons. Victor has found that his martial arts training has helped him in all aspects of his life and he is very eager to pass on his knowledge to other students.

Victor CandalVictor Candal is also an expert in healthy eating, and has helped many students lose weight and improve their wellness. A raw food practitioner for the past 7 years, he has been invited to share his knowledge at several raw food workshops and has been featured in the movie Raw for Life, with Anthony Robbins and Joel Fuhrman, MD.

Victor’s enthusiasm overflows when he is teaching. Add that to his insight into student needs and he makes a great guide for any student seeking  to improve their quality of life or attain a Black Belt at Candal’s Martial Arts Academy.


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