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The System

Jiu-jitsu is a complete system of self-defense you can utilize in any situation, including two-person attacks and disarming an opponent who is wielding a weapon. With all situations, success is determined by two things. First, you must believe you can do it and second, you must have the self discipline to make it happen. Training with Candal’s Martial Arts will give you both of these attributes and help you both in business and in daily life. After just a few weeks of training you will notice improvement in your energy levels, flexibility and health.

Flexible programs

Candal’s martial art is open six days a week and offers flexible rates and training schedules, making it easy for you to study and progress through the ranks.

Group classes

Group classes are one hour long and feature self defense instruction, physical conditioning, various reaction drills and training exercises designed to increase the skills necessary for effective self defense.

Special Discounts

Are available on Family Plans, Long Term Study Programs (one year or more) and Advanced Training Programs. Your instructor will be happy to discuss these programs with you. Take advantage of these discounts and save!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed for students seeking a more personalized, accelerated training. It has been shown that private lessons students progess three times faster than students who rely on group lessons alone!Private lessons are 30 minutes long and are scheduled once a week, day or evening at your convenience. Private lesson students may attend as many group classes as they wish for no additional charge!

Fit after 50

Several studies have shown that exercise helps promote a healthier and longer life, including a recent study published in the Dec. 5 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The University of South Carolina study found that people over age 60 with better cardio-respiratory fitness appear to live longer than unfit adults regardless of their levels of body fat. At Candal's Wellness Academy we offer a "Movements for Health" program based on ancient healing arts that will strengthen and support your body and promote wellness.

Our program includes Cardio, strength, flexibiity, balance and core training.

Healthy Eating
As an expert in healthy eating, Master Victor Candal understands the importance of helping your body receive the nutrients it needs to heal itself and remain healthy. He has been an avid student of nutrition and the effect of foods in the human body since 1983 and can help you understand and heal your own disharmonies, move towards a healthier path and achieve an optimum level of wellness.


Current Promotion

Currently we are offering 3 Classes for $19.99. Give us a call and one of our instructors will schedule you for a free consultation and an introduction to our school.

We will answer any concerns you have. There is no obligation required.