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C.M.A System ( Martial Arts)

This unique program integrates elements, principles and concepts from a number of martial arts, self defense and ancient healing arts.

This system was designed in a non combat sport fashion, its directly oriented to self defense, health and fitness. Providing a complete method applicable to the psycophysical development of the individual.

Self Defense

One of the concepts of our instruction in our C.M.A Martial Arts program is to adapt and train the students according their own skills and capability. This method is based on ancient knowledge adapted for modern times. Adaptation is essential for self preservation under any circumstance. We train individuals physically and mentally to reduce or prevent confrontation with our constantly evolving martial arts and self defense system. We provide techniques easy to learn and apply, regardless of age, size or previous training which helps to build confidence to protect your self and your family.


Our Martial Arts system also provides a high impact cardio activity that engages all your core muscle groups, building, strength and endurance, burning hundreds of calories per hour. This activity includes a variety of kicking, punching, elbows and knee striking and how to properly move in a fighting stand. In the same class we include a variety of techniques from Modern Tai Chi and Yoga, focusing particularly to help ourselves in a natural healing process while maintaining and develop better health.

Yes, in our C.M.A program we got  "All" in "one system", designed particularly in response of the physical and mental necessities of our community.

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