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Miriam Goldstraj - Master: More than 30 years of experience


Claudia Hoyos - Instructor: More than 12 years of experience

C.M.A Healing Art Modern Yoga

It is a mixture of disciplines, focusing on health, created for all people regardless of age and previous training.

Our program integrates:
* Yoga ( meditation, postures and breathing techniques).
* Tai Chi ( dynamic fluid and balance in the movement).
* Reflexology (activating energética points and centers).                               

Benefits of meditation: improve concentration, strengthen memory, reduce stress, combat anxiety and depression.

Reflexology: improves the immune system, relieves the effects of stress and pain, helps in detoxification of toxins in the body, and increase healing.

Tai Chi movements: this gentle form of exercise can help maintain strength, flexibility and balance. Tai Chi is one of "meditation in motion".

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Currently we are offering 3 Classes for $19.99. Give us a call and one of our instructors will schedule you for a free consultation and an introduction to our school.

We will answer any concerns you have. There is no obligation required.